A Jeweled Life • Ingrid & Coco

Last April, Courtney surprised Ingrid with a picnic hike on Mt. Tamalpais, just outside their home in San Francisco.  After a short hike, Courtney pulls out a map of Mt Tam she created with all the milestones of their relationship marked along a trail.  At the trail’s end was a heart instead of an X with “Will you Marry me?” written in Morse Code.  

Courtney held her breath as Ingrid decoded her proposal.  Solving the puzzle Ingrid shouts “of course!”. The happy couple spent the rest of the weekend at the Cavallo Point Hotel sipping champagne and staring at Ingrid’s one of a kind Camellia Petal Ring.

Ingrid’s engagement ring features a 1.16ct ‘Rough’ pink diamond with .17ctw white diamond frame set in 14kt yellow gold.  Click here to see the ring.

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