Mosaic Man

When first asked to be part of this blog my initial thought was, “who, me? duh.” I’m honored to scrawl down some ideas for the lovely Anna and Kevin. Then as usual, the reality of that ol’ familiar trepidation sets in - “what will I cyber say?” How can I constructively contribute to this site which has a community of rather forward thinking stallions that form the Bing Bang/Sheffield/Kearney awesome-atrocity? Then boom. The idea of the law of attraction and theory of relativity set in… the same reasons you are attracted to me I am attracted to you. So here I gizzsoo… Today my inspiration comes from Mosaic Man. I first was introduced to Jim Powers’ assemblage of shrapnel while watching a documentary about Clayton Patterson called Captured.  I’d never actually met the Man, but have often been totally about-faced by his fragmented kaleidoscopes that are adhered to innumerable façades in the East Village. In the flurry and cluster of the city that protests the annex of sleep, not surprisingly some of our most comforting labors are not fruitless. Talkin’ ‘bout fruits and labour and stuff, our Mosaic Man has confetti’d the East Village’s laden past with a cornucopia of reflective colors for the better part of three decades. With an intricate tapestry of tinted glass and broken mirrors, his craft is much more than decorative art- it utilizes the urban tesserae. It’s a reminder to a community who knows that no matter what the physical, personal or economic climate may be, our “crazy paving” can always be memorialized as a beautiful path to perceiving and preserving the luminescence of one’s own journey. PS - if you want this dude’s info please comment and let me know. He does it all! Wow. Employing a master dude that does nothing less then maintain the integrity of a community. Count me in-zeeses.